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Physical ergonomics is concerned with human anatomy, and some of the anthropometric, physiological and biomechanical characteristics as they relate to physical activity. Physical ergonomic principles have been widely used in the design of both consumer and industrial products.

Comfort is a qualitative consideration and differs massively between different people.  Comfort is a physiological factors that inform design decisions and can affect users. Design Milk talks us through some of the design attributes that allow for the new Microsoft Keyboard to be one of the most comfortable to use on the market.


The Microsoft Surface Studio desktop computer has garnered praise aplenty for its wow-factor tilting 28″ display design, a stunning transformative computer that will undoubtedly prove to be popular with artists and designers alike. The upcoming desktop system ships with a new set of matching gray peripherals – keyboard and mouse, with an optional rotary dial for wireless input duty. But those suffering from chronic wrist and hand pain will want something more ergonomic than a flat-laying keyboard. Cue in the Surface Ergonomic Keyboard.


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