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The Be.Toothbrush is a battery free powered toothbrush which aims at providing the experience of an electric toothbrush, but without the electric bit. It aims at reducing battery waste as they are non biodegradable and non renewable. This is a perfect example of Clean Technology,

Clean Technology seeks to reduce waste/pollution from production processes through radical or incremental development of a production system. Clean technology is found in a broad range of industries, including water, energy, manufacturing, advanced materials and transportation. As our Earth’s resources are slowly depleted, demand for energy worldwide should be on every designer’s mind when generating products, systems and services. The convergence of environmental, technological, economic and social factors will produce more energy-efficient technologies that will be less reliant on obsolete, polluting technologies.



Taking cues from an unlikely yet brilliant place, the Be. uses a wind-up mechanism we’ve seen being used for long in toys and timers. It simply converts one form of energy into another, allowing you to merely rotate a dial on its base that then winds up a mechanism within the toothbrush body, causing the head to vibrate as would any electric toothbrush.

The Be.’s creation was sparked by a need to solve the earth’s pollution crisis. Designed as a completely analog piece of highly effective dental equipment, the Be. rivals the best electric toothbrushes.