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A computer-aided design is the generation, creation, development and analysis of a design or system using computer software. As technologies improve and the software becomes more powerful, so do the opportunities for designers to create new and exciting products, services and systems. Greater freedom in customization and personalization of products has a significant impact on the end user. The ability to virtually prototype, visualize and share designs enhances the whole design cycle from data analysis through to final designs.


This is a basic SketchUp model from day to night using only Photoshop in this in-depth tutorial.

This is a basic SketchUp model from day to night using only Photoshop.


This article from Architizer explains how CAD is used as a visualization tool in the context of architecture.


Creative decisions are made at almost every stage of the design process and include the choice of drawing style, sections that best convey the idea of the project, hatches and line thickness. If conceptual drawings and sketches inform design decisions, could 3D rendering also be introduced during the design process as a generative tool? After all, realistic visualization has taught architects to think in terms of materiality, lighting, flow, montage and scale.


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