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Natural  timber  is  timber  that  is  used  directly  from  the  tree  after  being  seasoned  (a  controlled drying process). It is actually a type of composite material because it is made up of cellulose (wood fibres) held together with a natural adhesive (lignin). The  tensile  strength  of  timber  is  greater  along  the  grain  (fibre)  than  across  the  grain  (matrix).

Pine is currently one of the most commonly used materiasl in most carpentry items due to its prevalence in nature. As a result, there is an excess of off-cut material waste left from the manufacturing processes. Simin Qiu created the End Grain project as a way to utilize these end grain pattern wastes to design new, everyday objects.


Thanks to the different tissues in pine (xylem and phloem), life can travel through the pine, creating pretty grain patterns and even light transmission. Designer Simin Qiu did not want to waste these valuable pieces, and thus, had a new approach to material composition. Rather than using any nails or connectors, the desktop accessories are constructed through careful cutting and gluing, allowing the grain to shine through.


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