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Intellectual Property (IP) is a legal term for intangible property such as “creations of the mind” such as inventions and designs that are used in a commercial setting. Intellectual property is protected by law.

Benefits of IP include differentiating a business from competitors, selling or licensing to provide  revenue  streams,  offering  customers  something  new  and different, marketing/branding, its value as an asset. The benefits of intellectual property include:


● differentiating a business from competitors
● allowing sale or licensing, providing an important revenue stream
● offering customers something new and different
● marketing/branding
● establishing a valuable asset that can be used as security for loans.


May 2016- John Zobrist


An interesting article from Dezeen on how designer in the UK will be affect with Britain’s exit from Europe.




Her note explains how each of the four main intellectual property rights used by designers could be impacted by the UK’s possible exit from the European Union, and offers advice to protect against any change in the legislation.


Last month her firm warned that designers would have to file copyright applications in both the UK and EU, incurring extra cost and administrative work, if European Union design and trademark rights creased to be effective in the UK.


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