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There  are  many  different  types  of  innovation.  Designers  will be successful in the marketplace when they solve long-standing  problems, improve on existing solutions or find a “product gap”. The constant evaluation and redevelopment of products is key, with unbiased analysis of consumers and commercial opportunities.

Modular innovation is when the basic configuration stays the same, but one or more key components are changed.




Swiza reinvented the legendary Swiss Army Knife, giving it a redesign for the first time in decades. Designing an iconic product, implied a lot of responsibility to deliver the right design, so Swiza focused on material, function and finish. The end result is a contemporary design with a number of technical innovations; note particularly the curved handle shape for better handling, a nonslip-surface-finish, and the seamless integrated blade-lock system for easier access to the tools for both right and left handers. The knife is now available in four Jura-inspired colors: bright red, husky eye blue, snow white and graphite black.