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For designers to successfully integrate usability into the design process, they require a holistic understanding of how a product, service or system is used. Designers must identify user requirements through the use of careful observation and interviews. A clear strategy for UCD will improve acceptability and usability, reducing costs and effort, while fulfilling user requirements.

IB Syllabus – Additional higher level topics


A great article from FastCoDesign interviewing the design research director at Frog.  In it he explains why snapping pictures can make all the difference when designing for different cultures and environments that are unfamiliar to the designer.




Visual anthropology, the use of photography, film, video, and other media to capture the social and cultural context of people and their native environments, is a subfield that along with photojournalism has provided designers with another powerful method of inquiry.


But perhaps the biggest thing the picture story does for design is make an impact. It has a way of shifting mindsets—our own, and our clients’—as it gets shared and retold, making its way through the organization and across the design team. The reams of statistics we so often rely on might inform but don’t often inspire. The picture story does.


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