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How designing for emotion can increase user engagement, loyalty and satisfaction with a product by incorporating emotion and personality.

IB Syllabus – Additional higher level topics


Some products are able to generate emotions.  We see this with many design classics.  This interesting story from FastCoDesign tells the tale of a creative agency that decided to show off thier skills by producing an animation of an iconic piece of transport design.


Now, Paris- and Bordeaux-based Nomoon have made their creative donation to the Internet with Vespalogy, a cute, quickie animation that shows how Vespas have developed over the past half-century. Undeniably on trend, they chose the iconic Italian scooters for an endearing reason: “Because we love them.”


Together they synced sound and animation to capture the spirit of 60 years of the jaunty ride, and the result is—well, it’s a good time. Not as good as feeling the wind in your hair riding one of those shiny thangs around Rome, but enjoyable nonetheless. “We love to make nice things without taking ourselves too seriously,” she says. “It’s good to have fun.”


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