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The photograph above demonstrates some material being placed inside a mason jar, sealed off, and then heated to create an odour. This shall allow scientists and designers to check if the material is eligible for the product only if it can produce a attractive smell for the consumer. This is supposedly done with a huge variety of materials and mixed to find the correct composition of materials that give the “car smell” in the end.

The objective of the product here is to stimulate psycho pleasure. The designers does it here by crafting an discernible odour that can attract customers in first instance. This involves testing materials heated to see what can of smell it produces, known as “off-gassing”. Scientists ensure the composition of materials in a car can produce a pleasing smell within the construction of a car. This attracts the consumers, having good attitude as a product, with affects such as increased brand loyalty and increased sales for the company.

Here is a video link for your reference