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The story so far ........

Every design project, starts with a problem.  With the new IB Design Technology syllabus starting in August 2014 there were no study materials available for the course.  In the past there have been very limited numbers of traditional textbooks, however in my experience students and teachers have found these difficult to use effectively.  I felt the need to enthuse students providing a resource that is stimulating and engaging for them, encouraging them to research further into topics off their own back.  Instilling a passion for the subject.  IB Design Tech’s purpose is to link educational theory with industrial reality.

Dave Hopley

Dave Hopley

Head of Post 16 Design Technology

A passionate Design & Technology Teacher, who prides himself on his flexibility and the ability to adjust to different working environments.  An individual who approaches problems in a methodical sensible fashion, while also knowing when to challenge assumptions.  He is innovative and is happy to employ new radical ideas when the environment suits.  An enthusiastic team member who has the ability to negotiate with people at all levels whilst also being capable of working on own initiative.

Teaching Experience

  • IB Design Technology 80%
  • A Level Design Technology 70%
  • BTEC Level 3 Engineering 60%
  • GCSE Resistant Materials 100%
  • BTEC Level 2 Engineering 70%
  • Key Stage 3 Resistant Materials 100%
  • Key Stage 3 Graphics 80%

Years teaching

My Recent Work