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The Arc Mouse was an idea proposed by designers Seunghoon Shin and Chang Seok Kim during the 2012 IDEA Awards, which visually and practically, will revolutionize the way we use portable mouses nowadays. Although this is a conceptual mouse, this product could very much be in high demand with the demographic experiencing inconvenience with the old mouses and would definitely enjoy a mouse that could not be only used on the table but also an armrest and a thigh using ergonomic data of the target market. Through radical, the product enhances likeability, usability, and performance.

The design development of the mouse uses soft materials, of course, wanting the product to rest comfortably on the leg as well as any surface and to only provide sensations of comfort and easy usability. The old, bulky design of the mouse wasn’t the most attractive, yet it was essential making it very high in demand. But the introduction of the arc mouse incorporates aesthetic design as well as effectiveness in functionality and performance.

Although the product is still conceptual and most probably still in development, it would be useful for the designers to publically demonstrate the product to receive positive user feedback and expected to a high level of diffusion into the market. As well as demonstrations, it would be highly effective if the participatory design workshops are implemented, as it would give the general public a general idea of how the product works and could provide strengths and also limitations to work on. This not only can help improve the products performance and design but also act as an effective Kickstarter for the product, attracting the correct demographic.