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When farmers dig into the soil for crops, which takes several hours, it can take a toll on their upper body and leave them incredibly tired towards the end of the day. This brings the introduction of the Bosse Shovel which makes working in crop fields a lot more convenient and a lot more easier. The double handle mechanism specifically focuses on the body mechanics of your upper body with the implementation of a 360 rotational centre handle. With the biomechanics considered designers must look at the form, posture, duration, force, and repetition of the job intended for the product. A method of collecting this data is making user workshops which welcome users to come and provide feedback about the usability of the product. However, several factors to take into account is the gender, age, and physical capabilities of the population so when the product is used it doesn’t cause any discomfort and will be used by the more physically able.

This is beneficial so as the worker digs into the field, the hand naturally rotates the centre handle to make the dig more efficient and more comfortable. With the handle being adjustable, this will result in more energy conserved during digs meaning more work done with the less energy wasted.

Anthropometric measurements were taken into account during the design and manufacture of this product. The developers had to ensure that the distance of the handle from the rear handle was of an optimum distance to ensure it can be accessed by the majority of the target market.

This alteration to our simple original shovel will revolutionize the way we farm, bringing a little style to farming as well as maximized efficiency. This shovel should not only be the beneficiary of this change but other products around the world as well, so that we can maximise wellbeing and work efficiency and, of course, bring innovation to design.