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The controls used for this lift is a great example of User-Centred Design. Initially, its noticeable that the controls follows all of the usability objectives, since the product is easy to use, very efficient, will provide unambiguous feedback, and ensures good user-product interface. This system always has great learnability as any normal pedestrian could use this product without required experience. Therefore, minimal observation is needed as the yellow arrows and the simple key directions can easily and intuitively be understood by the general population. The tolerance of the cylindrical power key also is easy to indicate that it is used for emergency uses and is pushed down to turn the system off, as well as the red colour of the key, signifying caution. Finally, the task is to move the lift to a desired location and that can easily be done by shifting the yellow keys in a systematic way to get the lift to its location, which doesn’t really seem that difficult.